D8611 - Barnstead EASYpure II 100-240V UV/UF | millipore water alternative
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D8611 - Barnstead EASYpure II 100-240V UV/UF

Barnstead EASYpure II 100-240V UV/UF

Easypure systems have been discontinued
and replaced by the new and improved Barnstead MicroPure Systems.

Parts and filters are still available.

1 l.p.m. Type i Pyrogen Free Water with low TOC
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Provides up to 3/8 pt./min. 1.1L/min. of Type I Reagent Grade Water from pretreated water RO, distilled or DI delivered by a pressurized line or a storage reservoir. Ideal for analytical applications including AA, ICP/MS and higher wavelength HPLC.

Type I. For applications requiring less than 4 gal./day 15L/day of ultrapure water. Provides affordable and convenient alternative to bottled water. Six application-specific models meet most critical analytical, biological or life science needs. Ultrapure water is dispensed directly from the system, eliminating cross-contamination that may occur with use of large containers or bottled water.

Choose portable batch feed system, line feed system, UV line feed system or UF line feed system. Uses feed water pretreated by reverse osmosis, distillation or deionization. Microprocessor controlled purity monitor provides digital resistivity readings, temperature compensated to 25 deg. C. In standby mode, water circulates for 10 minutes every hour to maintain purity.

Batch feed model features a 7L polypropylene filtered storage reservoir, low water pump protection and a 0.5L per minute flow rate.

Available in six models—RF Reservoir Feed, RF/UV Ultraviolet Reservoir Feed, LF Line Feed, UV Ultraviolet, UF Ultrafiltration and UV/UF Ultraviolet and Ultrafilter. All models feature a whisper-quiet pump and a standby mode which recirculates water within the system for 10 minutes during every hour of inactivity. All units except RF and RF/UV come complete with a bracket for wall mounting. Three disposable cartridges provide increased capacity over similar systems. Lightweight system features small, space-saving footprint.

Line feed model is fed from a pressurized feed line or a gravity feed storage tank and has up to 1.5L per minute flow rate. Both models produce Type I water with total organic carbon content less than 10 ppb.

UV line feed model features dual wavelength ultraviolet light 185 and 254nm to provide water purity of below 3 ppb TOC and up to 18.3 megohm-cm. 0.2 micron filter removes particles and bacteria at outlet.

UF line feed model uses a 10K mol wt. ultrafilter to provide less than 0.005EU/ml pyrogen levels and greater than 4 log reduction of pyrogens.

All models have cabinet with metal back and molded plastic front and can be either bench or wall mounted.

Size: 121/4Wx183/4Dx181/8H. Batch feed model uses two cartridges; line feed, UV line feed and UF line feed models require three cartridges.

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  • D8611 - Barnstead EASYpure II 100-240V UV/UF

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