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Millipore Lab Water Filter Alternative | millipore water alternative
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Millipore Lab Water Filter Alternative

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Are Millipore Filter Prices Draining Your Laboratory Budget?

If you have a Millipore Lab Water system then you know how expensive their replacement filters are.
Once you bought their water system, you think you are stuck with very high filter prices.

We have great news, you have another great choice.  

We are the only USA manufacturer of replacement filters for Millipore water systems. We can save you a lot of money while giving you a very high quality product that also helps us all by creating jobs right here at home.

Find great products here :

Lab Water Filters 
Lab Water Systems 
Lab Water Distillers 
Bottled Lab Water 

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  • Comprehensive Database of Millipore Water Systems and Filters
  • Millipore Cross Reference List
  • Millipore Water System List
  • Online Catalog of Replacement Filters for Millipore Water Systems

    We are experts in laboratory water and have over 30 years experience specifically in configuring, installing and setting up Millipore brand water systems.

    Our extensive experience and low greed factor allows us to save you thousands of dollars operating your Millipore lab water system.

    We Offer :

  • Low Factory Direct Pricing
  • High Quality Products
  • Lab Water Equipment From Many Great Manufacturers
  • Extensive Millipore Experience
  • Technical expertise that can help lower your costs
  • Friendly and prompt Technical/Customer Service
  • No Sales Tax (Excludes California)
  • Low Flat Rate Shipping
  • Fantasitic Warranties
  • Early, late and weekend customer and technical support
  • APS ULTRA Brand Products are Manufactured in the USA.
  • We have provided high quality lab water products since 1991.

    Join our 1000's of clients, give us call and see for yourself.

    Recent Clients
    Universities Science Companies Government
    • Cornell University
    • Cal Tech
    • John Hopkins University
    • Texas A&M University
    • Arizona State University
    • Harvard University
    • Virginia Tech
    • U.S.C.
    • Many Others
    • Themo/Fisher Scientific
    • Lockheed Martin
    • Merck Pharmaceuticals
    • DuPont
    • Boeing
    • St Judes Medical Center
    • Perkin Elmer
    • Genentech
    • St Jude's Children's Hospital
    • Many Others
    • Smithsonian Institution
    • Biosphere 2
    • NASA
    • FDA
    • USDA
    • CDC
    • VAMC
    • USAF
    • USGS
    • Many Others

Millipore Lab Water Filter Alternative

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